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Oct 21 '14





Do you ever listen to a voice and like




Reblogging again for gif, because HNNNG YES.

Oct 20 '14


you have no power over me

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Oct 20 '14


As I’m walking through Target with my little sister, the kid somehow manages to convince me to take a trip down the doll aisle. I know the type - brands that preach diversity through displays of nine different variations of white and maybe a black girl if you’re lucky enough. What I instead found as soon as I turned into the aisle were these two boxes.

The girl on the left is Shola, an Afghani girl from Kabul with war-torn eyes. Her biography on the inside flap tells us that “her country has been at war since before she was born”, and all she has left of her family is her older sister. They’re part of a circus, the one source of light in their lives, and they read the Qur’an. She wears a hijab.

The girl on the right is Nahji, a ten-year-old Indian girl from Assam, where “young girls are forced to work and get married at a very early age”. Nahji is smart, admirable, extremely studious. She teaches her fellow girls to believe in themselves. In the left side of her nose, as tradition mandates, she has a piercing. On her right hand is a henna tattoo.

As a Pakistani girl growing up in post-9/11 America, this is so important to me. The closest thing we had to these back in my day were “customizable” American Girl dolls, who were very strictly white or black. My eyes are green, my hair was black, and my skin is brown, and I couldn’t find my reflection in any of those girls. Yet I settled, just like I settled for the terrorist jokes boys would throw at me, like I settled for the butchered pronunciations of names of mine and my friends’ countries. I settled for a white doll, who at least had my eyes if nothing else, and I named her Rabeea and loved her. But I still couldn’t completely connect to her.

My little sister, who had been the one to push me down the aisle in the first place, stopped to stare with me at the girls. And then the words, “Maybe they can be my American Girls,” slipped out of her mouth. This young girl, barely represented in today’s society, finally found a doll that looks like her, that wears the weird headscarf that her grandma does and still manages to look beautiful.

I turned the dolls’ boxes around and snapped a picture of the back of Nahji’s. There are more that I didn’t see in the store; a Belarusian, an Ethiopian, a Brazilian, a Laotian, a Native American, a Mexican. And more.

These are Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, and while they haven’t yet reached all parts of the world (I think they have yet to come out with an East Asian girl), they need all the support they can get so we can have a beautiful doll for every beautiful young girl, so we can give them what our generation never had.

Please don’t let this die. If you know a young girl, get her one. I know I’m buying Shola and Nahji for my little sister’s next birthday, because she needs a doll with beautiful brown skin like hers, a doll who wears a hijab like our older sister, a doll who wears real henna, not the blue shit white girls get at the beach.

The Hearts 4 Hearts girls are so important. Don’t overlook them. Don’t underestimate them. These can be the future if we let them.

You can read more about the dolls here:

Oct 20 '14

Kitten’s Bodyguard


Kitten’s Bodyguard

Oct 20 '14



I am going to be the parent that sings to the cat.

These are the best parents ever!


Oct 20 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you have any theories on how the Dark One curse works?


Do I! 

Oh God, where do I start? 

Well, first and foremost, I will admit that I’m a bit excited for the introduction of Fantasia. Why? Because, ever since season 1, I’ve been in a very small camp of theorists that believe the Dark Curse’s creator/source of its power is none other than Chernobog. 

Don’t know who Chernobog is? Don’t worry, you know him: 


In pan-Slavic mythology (though dubious thanks to Christian sources), Chernobog is the god of evil and darkness. He would be the perfect source, especially considering just how many Dark Ones must have sought the hat, said to be created by Yen Sid (who is Disney and, therefore, close to God in this world). 

Now, as for how it works, I think it’s pretty straightforward. The Curse clearly exaggerates the worst parts of you. For example, Rumple already had a temper before he was the Dark One. He just controlled it far more, especially considering that he was clearly compassionate and kind. Rumple also clearly feared and hated the men that bullied and treated him like shit; therefore, the Curse multiplied those aspects of him. (The change is given physical form with the scales, bad teeth, and giant eyes). 

The pro is that the Curse gives you power. The con is that the power possibly comes from the above, which of course means it’s limited in its scope (I theorize that things such as light magic might have adverse effects on Rumple) and the corrupting influence as I explain above. 

My God, writers, don’t fail me now. 

Oct 20 '14






 People blown over in streets as Storm Ivar hits Norway

looks fun

makin’ my way dOWNTO—-



not gonna lie at first I thought these people were really good at the Smooth Criminal lean

step 1. buy several hundred bags of miniature marshmallows 

step 2. somehow get upwind

step 3. open the bags and let the sugary puffs fly free

step 4. enjoy the sight of people getting absolutely pelted with marshmallows 

step 5. ?????????

step 6. profit 

Oct 20 '14

"Not usually a massive fan of the Charming’s but I have to admit the scene when Emma returned from her date really made me laugh."


"Not usually a massive fan of the Charming’s but I have to admit the scene when Emma returned from her date really made me laugh."

Oct 20 '14





This man is qualified to play as nightwing

This man is qualified to fuck me

I think he is qualified to be a helicopter too

And there ladies and gentlemen are the three sides of Tumblr: nerdy, horny, high

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Oct 20 '14
Oct 20 '14
Just press play



This is every thing I ever need

Oct 20 '14

I’d love your advice or stories!



I’m wondering if you’d be able to help me. I’m starting a project called the “Autism Advice for Parents Project”.

Many times I’ve heard parents of children with autism say “I wish I had known this or that” or “I wish I had someone to give me that advice”. So I’ve decided to try and put a lot of that advice in one spot, a book. Autism Advice for Parents is a project seeking real life stories and pieces of advice from experienced parents and people with autism. My goal is for parents of newly diagnosed children to read this and instead of being terrified and filled with dread due to all of the negative information out there; they will have hope and even something to look forward to, based upon the advice and stories they will read from this project.
Do you have advice on:
- What to do after a diagnosis has been made
- How to know if your child isn’t developing typically?(What signs did you notice, or notice in hindsight?)
- Eating
- Drinking
- Wearing clothes
- Socialising
- Understanding challenging behaviours
- Advocating on behalf of your child
- Helping your child find their inner voice and to be able to self-advocate
- Treatment
- How to maintain a relationship with other children who may get reduced attention.
- Visiting places (The doctor, hairdresser, the supermarket)
- Dealing with stares or comments from others.
- Self-stimulatory behaviours

Those are just a few areas that I’m seeking advice or stories in. If you’ve got a story or advice, on ANYTHING to do with your experiences of autism, right down to the nifty little hints and tricks you’ve picked up or developed over the years, we’d love to hear it!

Send your stories and advice to:

Oct 19 '14



The sorcerer’s apprentice was turned into a mouse. Mickey Mouse played the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Mind = Blown. 


Oct 19 '14


"She knew she loved him when ‘home’ went from being a place to being a person." - Anonymous

Oct 19 '14